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No "Texting" While Driving
In an effort to reduce driver distractions, the General Assembly enacted a law which went into effect July 1, 2009 in reference to "texting" while driving.  VA Code 46.2-1078.1 not only makes it unlawful to enter text on a phone while operating a motor vehicle, it also makes it unlawful to read any e-mail or text messages transmitted to or stored within the phone.  There a few exceptions..refer to the VA Code for specifics. 
PWC Decal Elimination and Solid Waste Disposal - Residential User Decal
On May 16, 2009, the Board of County Supervisors voted to adopt Ordinance Number 09-29 which contains amendments to the Prince William County Code, Chapter 13, Article III, eliminating the requirement to display a county motor vehicle decal.  
After June 15, 2009, the county will no longer issue County decals for vehicles being moved into Prince William County.  The elimination of the requirement to display a County decal does not change the filing requirement for vehicles, and vehicle owners must still report to the Tax Administration Division new vehicles moved into Prince William County and vehicles sold or moved out.  This can be done by using eXpress Tax or by calling 703-792-6710.
The County will still levy and collect an annual license fee of $24 for autos and trucks and $12 for motorcycles along with the personal property tax due October 5 for all vehicles located in Prince William County on August 1 but will no longer issue County decals.
UPDATED DECAL INFORMATION:  Prince William County encourages regular residential users of the County Landfill or other solid waste facilities to obtain and display the Solid Waste Disposal - Residential User Decal to facilitate entry into the waste disposal site. The decal is "free" to county residents.  The decal, however, is not required and residency can still be established by showing your driver’s license or the top portion of your personal property or real estate tax bill. 
For more information, go to the Solid Waste Disposal Decal Program to register, or call 703-792-6710, or send an e-mail to
Vehicle Registration
As a reminder, if you are a new resident of the county or purchased a new/used vehicle, your vehicle must be registered with the county within sixty (60) days. 
VA Code 46.2.662 allows for a vehicle to be in the state for thirty (30) days before requiring it to be registered with the Virginia Departmnet of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Once a vehicle exceeds the limit, it is subject to removal and the owner is subject to being fined. 
Home Security Systems....register online
In order to help reduce the false alarm burden, Prince William County has enacted, effective July 1, 2009,  the False Alarm Reduction Ordinance Sec 2.5-21 designed to reduce the false alarm problem.  
Local Law Enforcement personnel respond to thousands of alarm calls each year, over 99% of them being false alarms. These unnecessary responses resulted in an enormous burden in manpower and costs to the citizens. Every year hundreds of thousands of dollars are expended responding to false alarm calls; which in turn reduces the time available to respond to real emergencies.
To register, go to Prince William County False Alarm Unit home page and click "Register Online".  There is a $10 fee for a two-year period.  For questions, email

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