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Glendale Adopt-A-Spot Signage

The Glendale's Adopt-A-Spot is located on Dale Boulevard from Gerry Lane to Glendale Road.  Volunteers clean the designated area nine times out of the year according to the guidelines established by the Keep Prince William Beautiful, formerly the Prince William Clean Community Council.  Glendale is honored to receive a 2011 Certificate of Appreciation from KPWB in recognition of our volunteers' efforts in maintaining our designated areas from March through December.
The purpose of the Adopt-A-Spot Program is to encourage individuals and groups to take responsibility for litter prevention and maintenance in Prince William County.  The partnering group agrees to clean an assigned area and KPWB provides cleaning and safety supplies and a road sign for the site.
Keep Prince William Beautiful is a non-profit affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc.  Its mission is to empower citizens and businesses to become self-sufficient stewards of the local environment through litter prevention, education, and community involvement.
Call 571-285-3772 or visit Keep Prince William Beautiful  for more information

Caring for our Community