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The Glendale Community Group (GCG) was created as a result of a Prince William County Survey of the Glendale community in June 2006.  Based on the responses, the county contacted the respondents to see if Glendale wanted to create a neighborhood group.  A handful of neighbors joined as the county guided the group's efforts.  The Prince William County Neighborhood Services Division, Office of Public Works, has been very helpful in providing information, education, and points of contact to meet the needs of the community.


Although the Group is no longer active in monthly meetings, a few of us continue to improve our subdivision.  Here are some successes in Glendale: 

  • The GCG has added trash receptacles via a partnership with the Potomac Rappahannock Transportation Commission (PRTC) at four of the Glendale subdivision’s bus stops along Dale Boulevard at no cost to the group.  (See image above.)  The only GCG obligation is to remove and dispose of the accumulated trash.

  • The creation of an Adopt-A-Spot on Dale Boulevard from Gerry Lane to Glendale Road.  This roadway is cleaned nine times out of the year by the group's volunteers.

  •  There was an electronic quarterly newsletter, called the "Glendale Guide", which went to residents electronically or by delivery.  Unfortunately, with limited resources, the Guide was discontinued.

  • Volunteers painted the concrete median ends at intersections along Dale Boulevard from Minnieville Road to Glendale Road with an approved VDOT yellow paint for higher visibility especially for night driving.


Caring for our Community