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The Neighborhood Leaders Group brings together residents interested in neighborhood improvement and County staff responsible for preventing deterioration in neighborhoods. The main activities of the group are to strategize solutions for neighborhood issues, learn about property maintenance codes, and implement action plans. County residents are welcome to attend. See Schedule of monthly meetings. 
The Group's Mission Statement was adopted on October 27, 2008, and reads as follows:

The mission of the Neighborhood Leaders Group is to serve as a liaison between neighborhoods and County Government to prevent deterioration and create improvements. Working collaboratively, we learn from each other and share strategies to protect the value of our homes and to create a safe environment for our families.

Neighborhood Leaders act as a sounding board and advise County staff on community initiatives, as well as implement those initiatives in their neighborhood. The County provides guidance, information, tools, support and services to the neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Leaders Group will achieve their goals through respect, fun, camaraderie and inclusion. By this example, our communities will grow and improve by the standards we set.



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